Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Erin's Way

Erin's Way by Laura Browning

Welcome to Mountain Meadow, Virginia, where love is worth waiting for…

The town bad girl is back, and this time, Erin Richardson is in need of protection. Years ago, her youthful crush on handsome older man Sam Barnes nearly led to scandal. Now she’s on the run from an entirely different kind of trouble: a criminal intent on eliminating his witnesses—including Erin. As the local sheriff, Sam’s duty-bound to provide a safe haven. Though tongues will surely wag once Erin is sharing a house with the sexy lawman….

Erin is still too young, too vulnerable, and too irresistibly beautiful. But when Sam lays eyes on her again, all he wants to do is shelter her in his arms. It won’t be easy keeping her out of harm’s way. But it’ll be even harder keeping the woman he never forgot out of his bed—and his heart…**

Thanks to Kensington and Net Galley for the book in exchange for a honest review. 

The last time I was in Mountain Meadow Erin showed up unexpectedly and caused a ruckus. 
She was on drugs and she was not very nice. I wasn't looking forward to reading her story as much as the others. I figured she was some poor little rich girl that wasn't happy with her parents and she was looking for attention. I was wrong about her. I'm so glad I read her book, and I got to know her better.

Erin needs help, shes running from something and is sure that Mountain Meadows is the best place to go. Her dad will help her she's sure of it.  The only thing is she came home with a bang. Like a broken fence bang. Everyone is sure something is going on with her but she won't tell them. She thinks that if she just is there and no one knows then she will be safe. She's got more than one secret, the second one isn't dangerous. Its sad.

When she was young she had a crush on Sam and Sam liked her even though he's older than her and felt awful for it. Coming home to hide may have  more rewards then just reconnecting with her family.

This may have been hard to start because I was dreading reading Erins story but I ended up flying through the book and loving her world. She felt unloved and like the total black sheep but she wasn't, she was just misunderstood. Once people found that her acting out was merely her hiding it opened her life up to the family she thought hated her.  I loved seeing the other couples from the previous books and getting to see how their lives were. Don't forget to leave the author a review!! 

**Goodreads summary

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