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The Last Star (Fifth Wave #3)

Goodreads: Last Star

The enemy is Other. The enemy is us.

They’re down here, they’re up there, they’re nowhere. They want the Earth, they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out, they came to save us.

But beneath these riddles lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer. Zombie. Nugget. And all 7.5 billion people who used to live on our planet. Betrayed first by the Others, and now by ourselves.

In these last days, Earth’s remaining survivors will need to decide what’s more important: saving themselves…or saving what makes us human.


So, I am having a hard time at how this series ended. 

First, this book takes place over a three day period. 
Second, the growth of the characters, however, developed seems rushed. 
Third, the conclusion. No matter how final, seems wrong. 

There is plenty to be happy about. 

Yancey, left nothing out Every question that I had was answered and more. Why did the aliens come? Who is the mysterious, evil leader? Will Cassie and the other have an HEA? 

If the stories and death in the first two stories lead you down a path, follow it. This book is no different. Ringer especially takes a dark path in this story as she struggles with her condition. 

Nugget and the bear. This is perhaps the symbol that we all will miss as we get involved with the plot line. The bear represents something special. A final link to humanity 

No matter the "feels" that you have with this book, you will come away with a sense of finality. 

Overall a good read, especially if you've made it this far. 

Don't say I didn't warn you! 


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