Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Prince

Ok I’m going to try and control my fan girl for this review, because I have an obsessive amount of love for this series.

The Prince is the third book in The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz, and the reason these books speak to me so much is the originality of the characters. These characters are layered, flawed and beautifully written. You don’t find the depth very often that this book series has in the Erotica genre, and I love what Ms. Reisz is doing with this.

In the Prince we find our core group of character right where we left them and the end of The Angel. Nora has decided to take off for Kentucky with Wes, while Kingsley finds Soren in his minimalist room at the 8th Circle. Yet this story as it evolves really becomes more of a tale of love past and present. I love how the chapters alternate between Kingsley and Soren’s past while we see the story unfolding in the present. This really lends to a beautiful foreshadowing of the things to come not only in this book but also the next.

I’m not going to lie and say that I am not Team Soren and Nora but seeing them loving other people only reinforced their love story for me. I had such a weakness seeing Soren at 18 years old finding himself, the fear and vulnerability that we have not seen in the past books was breathtaking in his character. So many times we see him so strong that it was amazing to see how Kingsley at 17 unravelled that and helped shape him into the man that Nora finds later. The brutality of their love together then and now really helped shape the character for me.

Also seeing the softer side of love with Nora and Wes was just a juxtaposition, and so wonderfully done. Everything is so new and fresh between them, its something not only different for the virgin Wes but for Nora as well. I love that she is experiencing this and how much it changes her at the core.

This book has everything from kink, to vanilla and in between making for an intriguing love story. There is also mystery and a cliffhanger that made me gasp. I can’t say it loud or enough that anyone who reads and enjoys Erotica needs to be apart of this unique world that Tiffany Reisz has created.


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