Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Crazy Love

Crazy Love by Lee Kilraine

Tynan Cates's military days are over. He's home among family, friends, and his three-legged rescue dog in Climax, North Carolina--but his new employee is stirring up feelings he thought he'd left behind . . .

Pint-size Lulubelle Swan is not Ty's--or anyone's--idea of a construction worker. But she's so eager to join his crew for the Climax library renovation that he gives her a shot . . . and she totally lives down to his expectations. Aside from her fear of ladders, she's a hazard every time she picks up a hammer. He'd toss her out on her tight little tush, but he gets the feeling she needs the job--or at least, needs something . . .

Lu's trying her hardest, but she's no handy-woman. She's sought out Ty because he served in Afghanistan with the man she loved--and nearly three years after losing Joe, she still can't move on. Hiding her true intentions, she spends hours with Ty, trying to get him to talk about the past--and in the process, learn how to face the future on her own. But when her quest for closure gets complicated, she may have to open her heart in unexpected ways . . .**

Thanks to Lyrical Shine and Net Galley for the book in exchange for a honest review.

Lu can't move forward. Sure she goes out in the world but losing Joe three years ago, other than that she's not really living.  Seeing Joe's commanding officer in the paper, she wonders how he's moved on. How has gotten back to life? So she decides to go find out.  She's trying so hard to get him to talk but he's won't talk. So she just throws it all at him, she just talks and talks, hoping that he'll start talking.

Tynan doesn't know where this pixie came from but she's killing him. She says she's a construction worker but she's clearly not.  Its weird all of his men are helping her get through, then she hurts them and has to come work with him. He irritates and arouses him and he doesn't like it. When he finds out that she was Joey's fiancĂ©, he feels terrible for the feelings. Joey didn't make it home and he feels like its his fault. 

I haven't read the other books in this series and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. I loved Lu and Tynan. They were feisty and they didn't just fall into things. Relationships of any kind take work and they showed that. This was a great book and I ran through it. Leave some love in the form of review, for the author when you read it, it does show you care! 

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