Saturday, September 22, 2018

Over Hard

Over Hard by Jessa York

Love looks easy, but it’s harder than you think…

Done. Harper is done with men. They’re too complicated, frustrating—and dangerous. After a run-in with her ex-husband, Harper ends all contact with her boyfriend, Jack, the one man who stole her heart.

But when Jack and Harper are thrown together to help a friend, all her old feelings reignite. Torn between closing herself off and her desire to understand his life and choices, Harper delves into his world. Jack’s past may complicate things even more. Will Harper see that the payoff is greater than the risk?**

Thank you to the author for the book in exchange for an honest review!

Oh, my heart. I loved every single thing about this book. I loved seeing the progression of their relationship.  Look I could share all the things but I really don't want to ruin it for you. If you've not read the first book, then it would spoil it for you. Lots of love and drama. Lots of suspense and some surprises. Jessa York can spin a tale and bring you into the world she's making. I am a happily married woman and I'd love a Jack of my own.  This book does pick up right where the last one left off. No cliff-hangers for this one either!!

Thank you Jessa for sharing your words with us! 

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