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Crazy About Cameron

Katy Regnery
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Date of Publication: 9.22.15
ISBN: 978-0-9909003-6-8
Number of pages: 216
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Book Description:

Crazy about Cameron is the third of four books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome Winslow brothers who are all on the look-out for love.

(Say what? Not so much...Brooks and Pres are OFF. THE. MARKET, and Chris is so distracted
with his campaign, he can't see what - or who - is right under his nose.)
With her stiff posture, black-rimmed glasses and chestnut waves in a tight bun, Cameron Winslow’s downstairs neighbor, Margaret Story, has long been the unaware star of his filthiest dirty-librarian fantasies. But with a floundering business eating up all his time, Cam doesn’t have the open road he’d need to date a lady like Margaret.

Margaret, who grew up down the lane from Cameron, has always thought of him as a cross between a bully and a tease, as likely to pull her braids as pull her leg. But he’s grown up to be a smokin’ hot businessman, and Margaret can't help daydreaming about what it would feel like to be under, um, with someone like him.

When hot-headed Cameron and buttoned-up Margaret start using the same shady contractor for apartment renovations, Margaret may find herself in some unexpected trouble, which forces long-concealed feelings to come out of hiding...and might just make way for two unlikely fantasies to finally come true.

Return to the world created in the English Brothers books with this fresh foursome of scorching hot Winslow Brothers!

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Excerpt from Crazy About Cameron

Frankly, Cameron wasn’t sure if he was talking about the wine or about her.

She seemed so different tonight: less stiff, more soft. Less cautious, younger and, Christ, sexier, too. Was it just being in her own space that had wrought such a change in her? It made him wonder what space she inhabited on a daily basis that made her seem so tense and sharp all the time.

From the moment he walked through the door, he’d known that maintaining his thin veneer of disregard was going to be impossible. The way her huge brown eyes had widened, doelike and soft, as she gazed up at him? He was a goner. He’d gladly stand in her doorway forever if she’d look up at him like that for the rest of his life.

And of course he had to torture himself by wondering if those eyes went all wide and soft as she climaxed . . . or did she close them as her lips parted in ecstasy? Likely goddamned fucking Olson knew the answers to both questions, and it made Cameron’s blood boil. He glanced over at her as she lifted the wineglass to her face, bending her head just a little, her eyes closing slowly as she inhaled the smell of the wine. She was a fucking work of art, this woman, and—Holy Christ!—the way she’d just purred “Ahhh, this one”? He was glad the denim of his jeans was still thick and new. Hopefully it would keep the fabric from tenting.

He watched, mesmerized, as she righted her head. Her eyes were still closed, but her voice was warm as honey, slow and smooth, as she murmured, “Candied black fruit. Spice.” She dipped her head again, and his mind went to filthy places watching it bob beside him. “Mmm. Fresh herbs. Kirsch. Oak. Mmm,” she sighed. “Heaven.”

And, oh fuck, even the hardest of hard denim wasn’t going to be able to combat the rush of blood that swelled his cock, pumping it longer and harder in his jeans with every word she whispered.

Cameron thought he was worldly. He thought he knew what sexy was. Five seconds ago, he would have answered it was a naked woman, spread eagled and willing on his bed, her skin flushed, her pupils dilated, her pussy hot and tight, ready to suck him forward and beg him to finish inside. But he’d known fuckall about sexy until Right. This. Minute. Because Margaret Story—perched on the edge of her couch in a sweater dress that covered most of her body, her doe eyes closed, her pillowed lips making love to a glass of wine—had just officially blown Cameron’s mind.

Whoever he’d always thought she was? He was wrong. She wasn’t some sheltered librarian who needed him to come along and unleash her wild side. She wasn’t some helpless field mouse whom he’d swoop down on and catch in his teeth. Though she was self-contained, she was also passionate. She was sensuous and sexy as fuck without even trying, without even knowing, just because she was sitting there breathing, smelling like lilacs, and telling him what made a good wine great.

About the Author:

Award-winning and Amazon bestselling author Katy Regnery started her writing career by enrolling in a short story class in January 2012. One year later, she signed her first contract for a winter romance entitled By Proxy.

Now a hybrid author who publishes both independently and traditionally, Katy claims authorship of the six-book Heart of Montana series, the six-book English Brothers series, and a Kindle Worlds novella entitled Four Weddings and a Fiasco: The Wedding Date. Katy’s short story “The Long Way Home” appears in the first Romance Writers of America anthology, Premiere, and she has published two stand-alone novels, Playing for Love at Deep Haven and the Amazon bestseller The Vixen and the Vet, which is book one in Katy’s a m o d e r n f a i r y t a l e collection. The Vixen and the Vet was nominated for a RITA® Award in 2015.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two young children, and two dogs create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories begin at home.

Upcoming (2015) Projects: 

Campaigning for Christopher - available 11.17.15 (The Winslow Brothers #4)

Marrying Mr. English- available December 2015 (The English Brothers)

Ginger’s Heart, a modern fairytale (2016)

Connect with Katy:

Katy LOVES connecting with her readers and answers every e-mail, message, tweet, and post personally! Click below to connect with Katy!


My Review

Cameron was working his butt off, he was running C&C Winslow. The company his dad and uncle started and then he and his brother Christopher took over. Now with Christopher off and running for congress, he has so much on his plate he can't even think about a relationship. The thing is that with Margaret (Meggie) Story living right downstairs he can't help but think about one, with her. He grew up on the same street as the Story family and has been infatuated with Meggie for most of his life. He did the things boys did to girls they liked, pulled her braids and teased her but it was all with deep affection. He thought if he kept her at arms length he could stop the feelings he had. Seeing her everyday was not helping. Riding in the same elevator with her, smelling her lavender scent and her asking him what she'd done to him to make him hate her; all of it broke him down. Now he knows that she's always had a crush on him. If he can uncomplicate his life he can make one with her, one he wants desperately.

Margaret Story has been all over the world learning about wines and how to make them. Now that shes back in Pennsylvania, shes working at her fathers company, trying to win his approval but it seems like no one can. She also has a winery she bought and is planning on fixing up to eventually make her own label and have events there. Living in the same building with Christopher Winslow is heaven and hell; heaven because she sees him all the time and he grew up in to a fine man but hell because he is incredibly mean and rude to her.  Now that they're sharing a contractor he's different, kinder and more attentive. It doesn't hurt that she broke things off with the lukewarm guy she'd be dating.

Once Cameron stops fighting the desires and Meggie accepts that she'll never be the person her father wants her to be, they come together organically. He loves just being with Meggie and vice versa. Nothing is perfect though, things are a mess at her home, the contractor they shared is up to something and someone keeps trying to hurt Meggie. Cameron will do anything in his power to stop who or what is trying to hurt her.

I've made no secret of my love for all things Katy Regnery. Her guys are swoony and her girls are down to earth. I love that all of them have flaws, they feel real to me. I wish they were so I could talk to them lol. Cameron is serious and carries the world on his shoulders, he wants to fix things for everyone and its sweet. He had to come to the realization that he could only help himself to help others. Meggie is sweet and loving, wanting to do anything to win the approval of a parent that saw nothing but flaws.  Mr. Story is a total dick, like I want him to burn in a building with the amount of loathing I have for him. I have loved all of the others but something about Cameron made him a little more lovable to me. Maybe it was his dancing in the kitchen, or maybe it was how much he loved Meggie and showed her after he stopped worrying about everything else. I am as always eagerly awaiting the next in the series. If you've loved the other books, this one won't disappoint. Leave the author love in the form of a review!

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