Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Higher Ground

Higher Ground by Nan Lowe

Nearly a decade after leaving her tumultuous high school years and New Orleans behind, Dr. Violet Foster is thriving in Atlanta. She’s landed a job in the English Department of a prestigious school and shares a home—and her heart—with Wade Price, the love of her life.

Everything’s going according to plan.

Until a phone call from Violet’s younger brother thwarts her holiday plans and upends her carefully constructed life. She’s managed to avoid her hometown for years and dance around the secrets she left buried there. A wedding reception and an ailing grandmother beckon her return to The Big Easy, but as her departure nears, Violet is forced to reconcile the person she was with the woman she’s become.

Even if it means losing everything she holds dear.**

Thank you to the author for the book in exchange for a honest review.

I had read the blurb before being asked to read this. I have read other things that this author wrote and knew I wanted read this. I was so excited to get the opportunity to read an ARC of this. 

Violet is happy in her life. She has a wonderful boyfriend, a job she enjoys and friends she loves. One call from her brother telling her that she needs to come home for Christmas instead of what they usually do sends her back into the past. Remembering things and people she wanted to leave there. How rebellious she was and the mistakes she made were all in the past and were meant to stay there. She hadn't ever told her boyfriend Wade about any of it and now he's finding things out. and some of it doesn't mesh with the woman he knows and loves.

This book is told in alternating chapters of past and present. We get to see how Violet lived when she was a teenager and living her life sort of recklessly. She was kicked out of a school, spent time with a boy that smoked weed, and did other drugs and some other questionable things.  Oliver seemed like a nice boy, he spent time with her and he listened to her. Oliver was nice to her brother and treated him good. Sure he did questionable things but she was having a good time, they were young and she was happy. What did it matter if he wasn't a perfect square kid? He was fun! Fun gets old though, it wears on you and things go wrong.

Violet has lived like her past and her home in New Orleans never existed. She loves her family but she never sees them in NOLA. Wade finds out things that makes him question their relationship. Sometimes though going home isn't as bad as you expect it to be.

I seriously loved the alternating chapters. I raced to read this book and I loved every minute of it. Violet is a character I myself have a hard time identifying with, but that didn't mean I didn't like her. She was open and had fun in life. I was sheltered much more than she was. It was like living a bit vicariously. There is so much that goes on in this book, so so so much. I don't want to give away anything. It was so good though, grab it up! You'll want it for sure. I look forward to more from this author, she writes amazing characters. Leave her some love in the form of a review! 

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