Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Opposites Distract

Opposites Distract by Judi Lynn

Harmony Meyer arrives in Mill Pond focused on one thing—finishing her novel in peace and quiet while her apartment building undergoes renovations. A month at her friend Tessa McGregor’s rural resort is exactly what she needs—until she discovers that Tessa’s brother-in-law, Brody McGregor, is another guest. Tall, dark, and handsome is a distraction she can’t afford. Especially when it’s clear from the start they have nothing in common…

Brody’s a rugged yet polished and punctual businessman. Harmony’s a sassy, down-to-earth artist who makes her own hours. He likes kids, she doesn’t even want a pet. Still, when circumstances conspire to throw them together in Tessa’s warm kitchen every evening, the heat between them begins to simmer. Is there a future for two such opposites? Harmony’s not sure, but the more time she spends with Brody, the easier it is to cast him in the role of her romantic hero—and to wonder if love might be the perfect exception to every one of her rules…**

Thanks to Kensington books and Netgalley for the book in exchange for a honest review. 

I read the first one of this series on a whim and I enjoyed it. When I found out it was going to be a series I was glad to be able to see more of the characters that I'd grown fond of. This book we get to see more of Brody, Ian's brother. 

Brody loves his family, would do anything for them and has for as long as he can remember. He's the oldest so it's always been his job to take care of the younger, and its a job he takes seriously. While he has some time during the winter when construction is slow he's back at his brothers lodge to help him renovate some of the rooms. What he didn't expect was to meet Tessa's writing buddy Harmony. She was big city girl and she had odd quirks. Quirks that seemed to grow on him.

Harmony had to leave her apartment it wasn't by choice but she was grateful that her friend Tessa had a place where she could stay and an extra perk was seeing Tessa a whole month. She was working against a deadline for her latest novel and the quiet during the day was when she'd write. Spending the evening with Tessa was her reward!  Brody keeps entering her thoughts, he is overbearing and makes her question things she thought she'd put away a long time ago. 

These two got along like oil and water for a while. They're just very different people. I loved Harmony's thought processes and how stand up Brody was. Together they were pretty great. When things go south in a weird way they realize that together they're great. I felt like the ending was a bit rushed. In the end I'll read what comes next because I really enjoy the characters. Leave the author love in the form of a review! 

**Goodreads summary

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