Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bet On Me

Bet On Me by Alisha Rai

When love is at stake, all bets are off.

Fast and hard. Despite her best intentions, that’s the way Tatiana Belikov rolls, and over the past year she’s tumbled head over heels for her former ex-lover. Hot, indulgent, and ready to cater to her every dirty whim? There’s no way she could resist.

Wyatt Caine is the house, and the house always wins—but love is a precious commodity that rarely crosses his table. His game plan? Drown his woman in pleasure before she realizes he’s hardly a safe bet.

Their happiness burns brighter than the spotlights on the Strip, but when his past rears its ugly head, casting a shadow on their bliss, Wyatt has an important decision to make: time to fold…or go all in.

I have to say I love when adult books have characters that act like ADULTS. This series was so refreshing in that. People are flawed it's fact, and why so many books have flawed characters. What I love about this series and what Alisha Rai does here is show how people handle those flaws and life issues maturely. We all have the crazy fears and ideas, but to show characters that decided their partner is worth fighting for and not running away at the first sign of trouble is SO REFRESHING.

I really have to say the chemistry between Wyatt and Tatiana is perfection. I loved getting lost in their love story and this book was a beautifully dirty way to end the series.

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