Sunday, April 6, 2014

Midsummer Sweetheart

Midsummer Sweetheart by Katy Regnery

Erik Lindstrom never had much faith in love. He saw his parents’ marriage collapse and vowed to avoid the same anguish himself. His fiercely protective nature drew him to a career in law enforcement, but he’s managed to keep himself and his heart safe…until now.

Katrin Svenson is in danger. After leaving her home in secret, her only hope for safety seems to lie in the hands of her handsome but aloof protector, who's steeled himself against her deep blue eyes and sunny smile.

Sparks fly between the officer and the nurse, and those sparks turn to fire as Katrin melts the ice surrounding Erik’s heart. Yet a dark force, determined to tear the young lovers apart, must be vanquished before their sweet midsummer nights can turn into a sweet forever.**

Katrin is in an abusive relationship. Her fiance, Wade's anger has escalated to the point of threatening to take her life. Now her sister in law Ingrid has set up a job and a place to live for her so she can get out of town and maybe get away from her psycho ex. Ingrid asks her best friend Jenny's brother Erik to drive her since he was on his way north himself.

Erik doesn't believe in love and happily ever after. When his mom was sick and dying he watched her call for his father and his father not answer. He doesn't ever want to love someone so much and let them down. He's doing a favor for Ingrid, shes family practically.  What he didn't expect was to feel a spark when he touched Katrin. Spending Sunday's with her kept breaking down the walls around his heart. 

I loved that he got to know her and did things with her. He was scared but he was attracted. Granted he did think he could have sex with her and get her out of his system. Little did he know that his heart grew attached to her more and more every time he saw her. Katrin tried to not become attached to Erik, but it was like trying not to breath. He made her feel safe. Don't forget about Wade, where is he in all of this? You'll just have to read it and find out! Leave the author love in the form of a review!

**Goodreads summary 

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