Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Spook's Revenge (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles #13)

He's the seventh son of a seventh son. His name is Thomas J. Ward and he's my gift to the County. When he's old enough we'll send you word. Train him well. He'll be the best apprentice you've ever had and he'll also be your last.'

These were the words of Tom's Mam to the county Spook some years ago. As Tom, the Spook and their allies prepare to battle with the Fiend on a huge scale, to finally enact their revenge, it now remains to be seen whether Mam's declaration will come true.

I was very excited for this book. Finally, I get to read the ending of a great story. What I got was something all together unexpected. 


1. Did we get an ending? A-For the Fiend yes. 
2. Does Alice and Tom end up together? A-Define together?
3. Do we get to see all the characters that are still alive? A-yes. 
4. Does the Apprentice become the Spook? A-yes. 

It is forgone that the Spook will die in this book. I will not tell you how. Why? Well, we don't really know. Alice and Tom fracture. Several of the reviews that I have read are angry rants about this. There is a trilogy coming and I think that Alice's actions were justified in her mind. She is always thinking ahead. With what is coming, I do not blame her. 

The witch assassin plays a critical role in this book. She is able to help guide Tom and forges him an important weapon in the war with the Fiend. 

We get to see Tom's powers grow to their full ability. Some of them a really awesome. 

The story was good. I felt that it was rushed. There was very little action, until the last half of the book. I found myself skimming parts. 

Overall, a great read. I hope the next three bring this back to the glory days. 

Oh, the boggart, LOVE IT!!!!! 


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