Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Truth About Alice

May contain SPOILERS

The Truth about Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

Everyone has a lot to say about Alice Franklin, and it’s stopped mattering whether it’s true. The rumors started at a party when Alice supposedly had sex with two guys in one night. When school starts everyone almost forgets about Alice until one of those guys, super-popular Brandon, dies in a car wreck that was allegedly all Alice’s fault. Now the only friend she has is a boy who may be the only other person who knows the truth, but is too afraid to admit it. Told from the perspectives of popular girl Elaine, football star Josh, former outcast Kelsie, and shy genius Kurt, we see how everyone has a motive to bring – and keep – Alice down.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

I was drawn in by this cover, its just so pretty. Then I read the summary and I wanted to know what went down in this small town and how Alice was the equivalent of everything bad.

This story is told from four points of view. Elaine, Josh, Kelsie and Kurt all tell the story the way they're seeing it. Elaine is the token popular girl, Josh is the jock football player, Kelsie is popular also but she wasn't always, and Kurt is the outcast.

Elaine is who is up first we find out that she's had a party and thats where it all went down. Two guys in one night and one of them is star football and Elaine's on again off again boy toy. I say boy toy because Elaine herself says that they weren't boyfriend/girlfriend.  She's pissed because they should be exclusive, ya know HBIC and BMOC should be united. (HBIC- head bitch in charge and  BMOC- big man on campus)

Next up is Kelsie and I'm here to tell you with a friend like Kelsie who needs enemies. She was the new girl freshman year and Alice was the ONLY one to talk to her. They hit it off and became bff's. Kelsie didn't go to Elaine's party because she was sick, she only got texts about what went down. Now Kelsie has stuff of her own going on and she doesn't know if she can believe Alice when she tells her she didn't do what everyone is saying she did.  After a while Kelsie just stops answering calls and texts from Alice.  Then BMOC dies in a crash and its horrible no doubt. It seems though that everyone is blaming Alice and so its open season on Alice now. Kelsie her former bff starts writing on a wall in the girls bathroom, everyone is writing there and its ugly.

Josh, jock boy and Brandon's best friend, was in the car with Brandon when it crashed. He survived and he's the one that told Brandon's mom that Alice was texting Brandon non stop. He told her Brandon was distracted by all the text coming in and that's what caused the crash. Here's my thoughts on Josh, I think Josh as gay. I think he was in love or in lust with Brandon. I would love to know what you all think about that.

Finally Kurt. He has loved Alice from afar for forever it seems. He just thinks shes an extraordinary girl. Kurt is super smart, he really should already be in college. Everyone thinks hes weird because he doesn't talk to anyone but the teachers. He over hears one day that Alice isn't doing so well in her math class so he drops a note in to her locker offering to tutor her. She is suspicious at first but accepts and in the end they become friends. Kurt knows the truth about what happened with Alice, he got it straight from Brandon's mouth. He doesn't know what to say though, he doesn't know who to tell or how to tell her he knows.

I really want to know where Alice's mother was, why she wasn't taking up for her child? Alice was 16 when this all started, no one was there for her at all, adult wise. Kurt was her friend and he had true intentions toward her. Really this was all a giant bullying story. Even the girl that was supposed to be her best friend, turned on her and attacked her with as much venom as she could. I felt so bad for Alice, she was so down and depressed. They had kicked her to the bottom and she just accepted it. It was a good book with a good lesson, words no matter if they are true or not hurt. They can cause as much if not more pain than a knife. Check it out! Leave love for the author in the form of a review!

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