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Announcement....The Piper Diaries

For those of us who love the Grimm Diaries here is a series devoted to the Lost Seven.

Here is a post, directly from Cameron's Facebook

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Tomorrow, we're starting the giveaways and countdown to Cinderella Dressed in Ashes and The Grimm Prequels 15-18, with exact release dates. I'll also announce the winner from the "back to back" post.

Until then, I thought I'd answer some major email questions. (please pass this post to other Grimm Diaries readers because I believe it's important)

A major subject in most emails was about Snow White Sorrow having a different (juvenile) feel from the prequels. I am blessed with having readers from all ages, so some readers weren't comfortable with the childishness of Fable and Axel's characters and such in SWS. This actually also happened in the beginning of the prequels. I know readers who wanted to stop reading when Peter Pan said 'cut the crap' to Dracula (which I loved) but then they say they couldn't stop reading when they got further into the story.
The point is, the Grimm Diaries is complex and long with an ensemble of characters and historical gems. Some of the characters you'll like and some you'll hate. Believe me, i have nothing to do with it. These characters jump out of the page the way they are.
I think there are two reasons why some readers felt different. The first is that Snow White Sorrow took care of readers who hadn't read the prequels. We had to slowly establish the ground for them, the same way we did with prequels like Beauty Never Dies. That's why the complexity of characters weren't like the prequels. Cinderella Dressed in Ashes is way darker and intense with the Grimm's mysteries peeling themselves slowly. Prequel lovers will feel very much "home" when reading it.
The second reason is my fault, and it's because some of you fell in love (like I did) with Ladle Rat, Jack Madly, Wendy, Peter, and Marmalade. Not meeting them was smart of me, and frankly I didn't plan for you to meet them until the fourth book in series.


Instead of waiting until the fourth book in the Grimm Diaries, there is going to a parallel series where you will meet the five characters mentioned above from the get go. It's going to be called THE PIPER DIARIES. I will talk about it soon enough, but all you could be sure of is that you will meet Ladle, Jack, Peter, Wendy, and Marmalade soon without waiting.

and talking about them, I uploaded Katie Pero's AMAZING Lost Seven fan art. Enjoy and don't forget to tell other Grimm Diaries readers about the parallel Piper Diaries series:)

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