Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Seaside Christmas

A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods

As the only child of a single mom, Jenny Collins wanted nothing more than to be part of a large, rambunctious family like the O'Briens. Ironically, though, when her mother married into that family, Jenny found herself feeling more like an outsider than ever.

Now, after years in Nashville as an established songwriter, Jenny's drawn back to Chesapeake Shores to collaborate on a Christmas production...and to make peace with the past. As if that's not challenging enough, Caleb Green, the singer who broke her heart, has followed her to town, determined to win her back.

With the help of a little O'Brien holiday magic, will Jenny and Caleb find a way to make sweet music forever?

I received this book as an ARC from netgalley for an honest review.

I loved all the books in the Chesapeake Shores series. I thought we were through with them but we weren't and apparently we were missing Jenny's story. Jenny is Connie's daughter, and Connie married Thomas, Mick O'Brien's brother. That's why this is a missing story. We never got to see how all of that went down after the trip to Ireland and the bomb of a baby on the way for Thomas and Connie affected Jenny. Now we get to see, and to be perfectly honest I couldn't sand Jenny. She was whiny, mean and rude most of the time to her mother and anyone that even mention her mother and Thomas's marriage and the child, Sean, her little brother.  Jenny resents Sean, she barely knows him and doesn't really want to. I found it sad that she left Chesapeake Shores and has been gone so long that she doesn't even know her little brother. He wants to know her so badly and she just can't seem to work past the fact that she feels slighted, and unwanted because her mother married and found love again. Jenny acts like a spoiled brat through ninety percent of the book and it was all I could do to finish the book.

We are supposed to not like Caleb, he hurt Jenny. All I could think though is how can he want to be with someone that can't even let her mother be happy with a man that loves her and gives a chance to be a mom again. Jenny is convinced that Caleb betrayed her but we never really find out if it for a fact happened because even Caleb can't remember the night he supposedly cheated on her.  Caleb works non stop after arriving in Chesapeake Shores to win back Jenny.

I loved being able to see the people from the other books. It was like visiting old friends. I really could of done with out Jenny's story. She needed to grow up and act like the adult she claimed to be.

This was a 2.5 star book.  I just didn't like Jenny at all. I hated the way she treated all the people trying to help her find her way back to her family. I didn't love the way she acted towards her little brother. She treated him like crap but treated her cousin (who was about the same age as the little brother) like she was a princess.

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