Saturday, August 17, 2013

Capture & Surrender (Market Garden #5)

Ever since his partner died, Frank has resigned himself to staying single. He wards off the loneliness by spending time with friends on the paintball field and running his high-end brothel, the Market Garden.

After one of his most lucrative rentboys quits, Frank is thrilled when a gorgeous replacement walks through the door. A former US soldier, Stefan is hot, bold, and perfect for the Market Garden’s clientele, especially those with a thing for camouflage and drill sergeants. He's perfect for Frank, too, except Frank has a rule about not getting involved with his own rentboys.

During a frisky game of paintball, Stefan makes it clear that he doesn't care about the rules. Not the rules of the game, and definitely not Frank's refusal to get involved. He captures Frank on the field using stealth and cunning, and makes it clear that he’ll do anything to keep a hold of him off the field too.

I got this book via NetGalley for an honest Review. 

First, this book is continuation of the Market Garden series. The book starts out with Nick officially quitting and leaving Frank with a void to fill. Leave it to his trusty bartender to find the perfect Dom to fill the spot. 

In walks a beautiful ex American Marine. There is an instant connection and Frank has to remind himself...

He does not fuck rentboys...There is a reason for it...

We find out that both Stefan and Frank have very similar pasts.The main themes of their pasts is the reason that Frank refuses to get involved with anyone...just not rentboys. 

This love story starts when Frank invites Stephan to a friendly game of paintball. However, there are some rules that are not normal. For instance, if you capture your enemy on the field of battle, they have to be your prisoner. This usually leads to some very hot sex. Stefan gives us a couple very hot scenes with his captors, all the while his gaze is locked on Frank. Then, there is a compromise. Capture the Ref. This was Stephan's way to get Frank, as Frank never played the game. 

This is a beautiful story of two men that have to not only come to grips with a past that they are both familiar with, they have to deal with the present and the dangers that this type of relationship holds. 

There is a lot of pain, love and sex in this story. One has to give the authors their due respect for writing this story. The subject matter discussed in this book is very sensitive and might turn a few readers off.  I would hope not, this is an amazing series brought to you by to of my favorite M/M authors!


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