Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, #10; Were-Hunter, #4)

Half animal, half man, wholly dangerous.
Locked in eternal battle, a Were-Hunter knows everything about peril and pain. But the greatest threat is yet to come...

Susan Michaels was once the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until she walked into a setup that ruined her reputation. Now she's working for a small Seattle paper, penning stories about killer moths and alien babies, convinced that her life couldn't get any worse...

That was before an idea for a breaking news piece brings her to a local animal shelter where she ends up listening to her source rant about vampires and gets coerced into adopting a cat despite her allergies. But when her new pet suddenly reveals himself to be a gorgeous - and lethal - shapeshifter, Susan realizes that there's far more at stake than a career-saving by-line.

Born into a world of predators, Were-Hunter Ravyn Kontis was betrayed by those he loved best. Soulless, pitiless, he has spent three hundred years battling the Diamons who seek to subjugate humankind. Against all odds, Susan evokes in Ravyn feelings of tenderness. Desire. Love. And with the ultimate battle about to begin, this one very human woman holds the power to shatter both their worlds..

If there is such a thing as a filler book this is it. I could not keep my eyes on that pages for more than ten minutes at a time as I found myself dozing off into a wishful story line.....

Oh the potential this book could have had....However, none was delivered. 

I will sum this up for you.

Ravyn..a Dark Hunter/cat hybrid. His story was good in the aspect that he finally stood up to Phoenix and Dorian. 

Susan..I didn't like her so much. The fact that she had a meltdown and then BAM she was fine with everything kinda annoyed me. 

Ash..Okay, so everytime there is trouble, he is off banging Artemis for a soul he released in prior books. (Hope this changes, as this plot point is starting to annoy me). Now his meltdown at one point was nice. 

Stryker......could he swing both ways? IDK but a bad ass bi male could be nice. Maybe the orgy was just for blood, but i doubt it. There is however, a lesbian in the book!! I'm happy when authors give us a little dose of realism in their made up worlds. 

Nick is pissed. GO FIGURE!!! 

There is a few random blots of the gods and some information about them...not enough. 

That's it! Is this enough to flounce series? NEVER!!! Everyone goes through this in writing. So, lets scratch this up to, just a filler novel. :) 

Onto book one million of the Dark Hunter Series. 


“We're not the damned, folks, we're the categorically fucked. - Urian”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Side of the Moon

“I hate you! (Artemis)
Don’t keep saying that, Artie. It’s cruel to get my hopes up. (Acheron)”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Side of the Moon

Rating: (Only due to our rating system rules as the plot was not splintered)

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