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Cinderella Dressed in Ashes (The Grimm Diaries #2)

Loki is controlled by the Queen through his Dreamhunter's Fleece, and he's now Snow White's enemy. No one's sure what the Queen of Sorrow wants to do next, and what her plans with Sorrow are.
In another Dreamory, they learn who Cinderella really is, where she came from, her relationship with Snow, and what historical period she'd affected with what she calls the Forbidden Art.

The Second installment of the Grimm Diaries.
This Diary continues the adventure, from Snow White's POV.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I found out that the second book in this series was going to release so quickly after Snow White Sorrow. 

I have to admit, this book was much better than the first. 

God, where do I start?

First, Snow was much darker and I really enjoyed it. This story starts off with Loki coming back to the castle, chasing Fable and Axle all the way. Snow has no idea that he is under the control of the Queen. She eagerly awaits her love. When he arrives, he plunges them both back into the dreamworld with only the word, "Phoenix" to guide them. 

We are thrown back to Snow's childhood where she befriends a young Cinderella. All the while, she is being pursued by Loki, the Queen's Huntsmen. We learn so much about Celene and her history. All the while, Snow is starting to remember the past. While in the real world Axle and Fable are working on a way to save them. All the while, the two children are coming to realize that they themselves are very special and that they are going to play a very unique role in this world.

Cameron's world here connects to the Prequels so well. I was very impressed and found myself smiling as the lore and the stories started to connect in my head. There were several times I found myself with my mouth hanging open. The way he connect actual history with this fictional world is so good. 

We get to see the Lost Seven. Actually, we know four from the prequels, here we learn that Snow has no idea how she split her heart into seven pieces and saved herself from the Queen. 

We do get to see the lost seven's cabin. Also we get to see the Seven in a book. 

Lost Seven's Items'

1. Plate
2. Breadcrumb
3. Chair
4. Knife
5. Beans
6. Fork
7. Cup

Lost Seven's Descriptions. 

1. Reaper
2. Witch with Breadcrumbs
3. Thief wearing a green hat.
4. The Moon
5. The Beast
6. A Star
7. The Phoenix. 

Another aspect of this story is the use of True Names and what power they hold over the fairy tale characters. We also see more of the Queen's story. I suspect that Mary put a sliver of glass in her eye. This not only created a blonde devil, but someone who is obsessed with gaining control of the mirror that the devil broke into a million pieces. 

Thirdly, The fact that Cameron was able to create an environment where actual fiction is thought to be forgeries to cover the protection of the characters in the dreamworld. This is how we find out some of the demonic past of the Queen of Sorrow. 

I am still speechless with the ending of this book. I WILL NOT TELL YOU!!!! 

Folks, if you are one of the people who fall into this rubbish about Cameron and his work, I challenge you to ignore these people and read for yourselves. Amazing!!!!!!


“Ashley burned down the school, smeared in the ashes of her sisters, with a that tattoo on her arm saying, 'I am a pleasure to burn.”
Cameron Jace, Cinderella Dressed in Ashes


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