Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rage of the Fallen (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles #8)

A dangerous few months lie ahead--ones which some of us will be hard-pressed to survive.

Thomas Ward has served as the Spook's apprentice for three years. He has battled boggarts, witches, demons, and even the devil himself. Tom has enemies: The Fiend stalks him, waiting for a moment of weakness. The terrifying Morrigan, goddess of witches, warned him never to step foot on her homeland, Ireland.

But now war has consumed their own country, and Tom, his friend Alice, and the Spook must flee to Ireland. The dark rages strongly there. No one can be trusted. Can Tom defeat the creatures that hunt him most fiercely?

This series is getting more and more dark as we move closer to the finale. There are several plots wrapped into this little tasty treat of evil.

1. Tom, Old Gregory and Alice have decided to go to Ireland since the County is not safe. Once there they find out that a group of mages that are using the forces of the dark to bind the ancient god Pan to a goat so they can harness his powers. 
2. The Morrigan and the sister of the Celtic witch that Tom help slay are bent on his death. 
3. The Fiend is getting ever so close now. The blood jar cracks and page by page there are vivid accounts of the Fiend appearing closer to Tom's bed each night. 
4. Alice gets taken by the Fiend in this story and once she finally brought back, she is different and we have to ask ourselves, is she going dark. 

In this book, the witch assassin comes back. She will play a critical role in the later part of this book by teaching Tom how to use the new weapon he gets.  

I have to give the author credit. This is the first book where the ending was not predictable. Granted, some of the outcomes were the status quo, this is the first book that doesn't end. I am every excited to continue this story. 

Very good job!

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